Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chevron Lace Cardigan

This cardigan is made from red Heart Soft yarn, in the color Guacamole. I think I used 3 skeins, but I'm not sure, it may have been 4. I can't remember how many I bought. This is the third thing I tried to make from this yarn. The pattern is here:
This is a very easy pattern, and only took me a few weeks to make. I could've finished it a lot faster if I had worked at it a little harder. I used a progressively smaller hook as I did the sleeves so that the wrist would be narrower than the top of the sleeve. I added several rows of SC around the neckline, since it was quite loose, and
I made the bottom edge straight by doing SC/HDC/DC as needed to get an even edge. I then did a border of DC followed by a round of SC around the entire sweater. I am considering adding some buttons to the front.

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